Question the Question. The Meaning of Meaning

It’s not that we don’t find answers, it’s just that we don’t like the answers we find. Intellectually, there is an answer to any question. It’s when we don’t like the answer that we look for ways to insert dopamine in our systems.

External world does not make sense initially. There are many discrepancies in any model of life you are born into. Are you here to witness the West and East blocks fight over domination and wealth, while you minimize damages? Are you here in order to help the rest of humanity find God by converting them? Are you here to maximize the efficiency of an economic model by consuming and producing as much you can?
If you manage to do all the above, then what? what’s next?

The world, initially, does not ‘’make sense’’, there are too many unanswered, or poorly and partially answered questions. We may avoid them, or distract ourselves from them, but they always exist.

Since the external world does not make sense, then where did the assumption that it should make sense come from? And what does sense mean?

Observing the situations where ‘’this does not make sense’’ is used, one notices that sense is a purely emotional concept. For example, in 2015 the world was shocked to the image of Syrian Kid Aylan Kurdi, who drowned in the Sea and whose body was found on the beach.
The scene triggers the question: Why would he die? And why in this way? He’s too young, too innocent, too cute. Logically, he is human, humans need air to breath to live, he did not breath air for a long period because of drowning in water, then he died. This sequence does not violate any logical law. It makes sense.
Then where is the problem? What law was violated, so we say ‘’it’s doesn’t make sense’’. It’s some ethical law, reference, that we created or were born with, that say kids should not die this young, this way. That’s a purely emotional reaction.

Emotions have multiple sources, and the way they shape an experience is far from absolute. Emotional reaction to a situation depends, among other elements, on the previous emotional state of the person. If you lose your car keys right after losing your phone, and losing your job, you’d be more pissed off compared to losing your car keys right after winning the lottery of 10Million $, having a promotion at work, and having quality time with family and friends.

Also, emotional reactions are directly linked to senses, which are limited by default. What I can sense, shapes my emotion. I can be very sad in one day, while another person on earth is getting married, being the happiest.
At the same time, I can be very happy, on the same moment where a kid is being raped, or dies on the sea, in a place I did not see or hear about.
This means that human are not sensitive to Absolute good and bad, they are only sensitive to good and bad which they can perceive with their senses.

So, emotions are not the absolute reference to ‘’sense’’, or, ‘’sense’’ in this situation, is a purely subjective emotion. Saying ‘’It does not make sense’’ would be equivalent to saying ‘’I’m sad, disappointed’’ and saying ‘’It makes sense’’ is equivalent to saying ‘’I’m happy this is happening’’.

The anxiety and tension due to the lack of ‘’Meaning’’ is not only, and not always, due to the lack of answers. It is also due to the implications of the answers on the basic human needs of Security, Truth, Belonging, and Coherence.

These needs can be served in from multiple sources, and the fact that there multiple sources to serve these needs enables Freedom, which is the key driver to reach an Absolute ‘Meaning’.